Stay At Royal Hotel for Experiential Udaipur Experience

Udaipur is the best place to experience the royalty with gorgeous palaces. It is the perfect place to reminiscence of the cultural history of India. An experience of a place is better lived by choosing an accommodation that justifies the beauty of the place. When in Udaipur, a experiential stay in a palace like setting is truly captivating.

The stunning Udaipur Lake is one of the major tourist attractions and staying in a room overlooking the lake is a beautiful experience. There are many hotels in Udaipur that shows you true spirit of Udaipur in terms of hospitality and location. Shree Vilas is one such premium properties which are located close to the entire tourists place in Udaipur.

Rajasthan is the epitome of culture and heritage depiction of India which means there are lot of temples for tourist attraction. Staying close to major tourist attractions in the city gives a better insight about the places along with easy accessibility. A good location with a scenic view from the room is an experience to be lived in Udaipur.

If you are looking for hotels near Shrinathji temple, booking your luxury accommodation at Shree Vilas is the best grab. The Lake facing rooms at the hotel provides an amazing view of the gorgeous Lake Pichola. The room is surrounded by a beautifully landscaped garden that makes the stay extremely serene. The splendid facilities make you feel at home.

There are non-lake facing rooms that are set amidst a beautiful and large garden. It creates a mesmerising environment for the guests with aesthetically pleasing views. The gorgeous interiors of the rooms make the experience superior. The rooms are decorated with “Mandala” artworks straight from the vault of artisans from the medieval times.

It is a one of those affordable royal hotels in Udaipur that pampers you like a kind with lot of amenities. Each of the rooms is gorgeously designed with fine interiors. The rooms are equipped with air-conditioner, wardrobe, television, laundry service, slippers and room service. The hotel helps you with an array of services to make your stay comfortable.

There is a large swimming pool in the campus to relax in the evening. Take your special someone on a beautiful and romantic candle light dinner or have food overlooking the beautiful Lake. The travel desk is also at your service to help you arrange city tours and take you around all the beautiful and prominent tourist destinations.

Udaipur is a beautiful place rich in culture and heritage. With its royal influence, the city has managed to maintain its charm. Shree Vilas is one of the premium hotels near Shrinathji temple making your trip to the temple very easy. You can even take day trips to Mount Abu or spend a day exploring Dilwara temples.

There is also a vintage car museum not very far from the hotel. The travel desk can help organising short tours and trips to make you journey comfortable. The hotel gives you the chance to soak into the soul of royalty through warm hospitality. The stunning royal interiors and natural surroundings add so many memories to the trip.

Udaipur is one of the most romantic cities in India and perfect for your honeymoon. It is also a great city for people interested in culture, history and heritage. The architectural marvels of the city with gorgeous palaces, artificial lakes, temples etc. makes a stunning location to spend few days.

The accommodation choice can uplift the overall experience and make the trip even better. The hotel is affordable and ensures that all the guests enjoy a very relaxing and comfortable stay. The hospitality is commendable showing the rich face of culture in Udaipur. It is conveniently located close to all the tourist spots around.

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Spend your holidays in the royal way

If you are looking to give yourself and your family the royal getaway, then Udaipur, Rajasthan is the ideal place. Also known as ‘Venice of the East’, ‘City of Sunrise’, ‘Jewel of Mewar’ and ‘City of Lakes’, Udaipur is undoubtedly India’s most romantic city. Though it is one of Rajasthan’s largest cities, Udaipur manages to retain the delicate, feminine, elegant and charming small town vibe. This city has rich cultural background and a great history. Udaipur is a fascinating blend of sights, sounds and experiences – often an inspiration for poets, painters and writers. A perfect mélange of culture, history and traditions, this gorgeous city makes for the perfect destination for a holiday.


See the beauty of lakes

This City of Lakes can cast a spell and get you mesmerized by its beauty. It is located around ultramarine water lakes and is surrounded by the lush green hills of Aravallis. This city is truly famous for its beautiful lakes and watercourses. These scenic lakes offer a phenomenal view of the mountains, making Udaipur a dream destination for every tourist. The three must visit lakes at Udaipur are:


  • Lake Pichola: The Pichola Lake is the oldest and one of the largest lakes of Udaipur. This lake is located in the heart of the city and was built by Pichhu Banjara in 1362, during the ruling period of Maharana Lakha. This pristine lake is surrounded by huge hills, magnificent palaces, temples and bathing ghats. The islands in Lake Pichola offer various tourist attractions and hence by taking a boat cruise in Lake Pichola, you can see lovely views of the town.

  • Lake Jaisamand: It is the second largest artificial lake in Asia. Maharana Jai Singh built this lake in 1685 while making a dam on the Gomti River. The lake is also known as Debar and is located at a distance of 48 kms from Udaipur. The Jaisamand Lake and the Sanctuary are rich in fauna with a variety of over 300 bird species. A must visit for all the bird lovers.

  • Lake Fatehsagar: It is the second artificial lake of Udaipur. First being the Lake Jaisamand. This lake was built in 1678 by Maharana Jai Singh. But it got its name from  Maharana Fateh Singh, who later made additions to it.

Live the lavish way

One of the most favoured tourist destinations in India, Udaipur has a lot of havelis, homestays, heritage stays, hotels, cottages, villas, resorts and more. To get the royal feel of the Rajputana era, you can stay at palace turned hotels. You can also enjoy the beauty of the lakes by staying at hotels that offers villas by the lakeside in Udaipur.
Many natural lake view hotels in Udaipur like the Shree Vilas offer luxury at the finest. You can have a luxurious stay at an affordable price, spacious rooms, bedrooms and relish the Rajaputana delicacies here. Such villas offer comforts, luxury and excellent hospitality. Be hypnotized by the breathtaking view of the Sajjan Garh Palace atop the towering peaks of the Aravali Hills with greenery all around and a tranquil atmosphere. With royal residences that still summon the glory of their great past, in truly every villa, these pristine lakefront cottages give panoramic view of the lake and contemporary luxury will make you feel completely at home. Enjoy your stay in Udaipur to make your vacation special along with your loved ones.

Make sure you book your hotel in Udaipur well in advance and try to pick a hotel that offers a lake view room to make your stay more pleasant and memorable.

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Time to explore the beautiful city of Udaipur

Udaipur is one of the wonderful places where you can plan for a lovely trip with your loved ones. No doubt that if you are planning to visit this place for the first time then there are certain things that you need to know. Right from choosing the hotel till visiting the place, you must see to it that the money you spent on this trip is worth. Too many reviews on everything can confuse you and that is why when you plan for a trip see to it that you actually experience on your own. That is why here are some must do things in Udaipur that you might want to try out.

Natural lake view hotel Udaipur
Sightseeing of lakes in Udaipur

While searching for hotel lake view resort Udaipur, see to it you come across those properties that are nearer to the lakes of Udaipur. This will eventually save your time and money on transportation and travelling. Besides, there are many resorts that are situated in the heart of the city. This will help you get more options on the nearby places to explore in Udaipur. See to it that you choose the hotel like Shree Vilas which has good facilities, amenities and ventilation with spacious rooms that can make your stay a pleasant experience. And in a plus point Udaipur consists of many famous lakes of India so do not miss a chance to enjoy the lake view. As there is hotel lake view resort Udaipur like Shree Vilas so inspect the every facility of resort and then only finalize the resort.

Explore the natural beauty

Udaipur is famous for the lakes so to enjoy the lake view of Udaipur, make a point to choose the hotel which consists of natural lake view hotel Udaipur. It means the hotels which are nearer to the lakes of Udaipur so that you can enjoy the sightseeing of lakes in Udaipur. Udaipur is also popular by the name of city of lakes as it has some great natural attractions that you may not find elsewhere.  Some of the must visit places are known for the gardens, castles, museums and monuments that were made in the royal Rajputana era. The Lake Palace, the City Palace, the Jagmandir, Vintage Car Museum, Maharana Pratab Memorial and Shrinathji Temple to name a few are must visit places. There are many hotels like Shree Vilas which is close to other tourist destinations.

Extra activities that you can do In Udaipur

Udaipur is one of those places of India where you must visit once in the lifetime as it contains everything in a small package. When you are in Udaipur, after you are done with exploring tourist places and letting your taste buds enjoy some delicious food, it is high time for you to do some incredible activities. Talking of which, old city cycle tour in Udaipur is quite popular. Besides it, if you have a good budget then you must take a joy of helicopter ride of the city that will give you an incredible experience. Trekking tour and a heritage walk in Udaipur is incredible too. And after all this, if there is still some time left then you might also want to take a look at Kumbalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary. So, make a strong point while travelling that the hotel have a natural lake view hotel Udaipur so that you can explore Udaipur in a same package and make a memories for a lifetime. As Udaipur is the package of whole where it consists of traditions, cultures and natural beauties so that you can enjoy everything in short amount of time and explore the real beauty of India’s Udaipur region.

Now that you are pretty much clear about things that you should do in Udaipur once you are here, make sure you make the best of time. In case, you are travelling to this place during season, you are advised to make the booking well in advance. The better you research well about the place, the more you can get to know about things to explore here. So, be ready to have some wonderful experience in the wonderful city of Udaipur.

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Visit Udaipur for Pleasant Touring Experience

Udaipur is one of the most exciting tourist places in India. There are so many tourist places to visit in Udaipur. But before visit the place, you have to finalize few things before you visit Udaipur like your hotel booking, sightseeing, and food available here etc. If you are visiting with Udaipur for honeymoon or planning to visit with your family and friends, you will have to prebook your hotel to remove any hassle and to save money. There are so many ancient palace and ancient building in Udaipur that will give a royal experience of visiting Udaipur. You should take the help of a guide who will help you all the way to your trip and you can plan your sightseeing as per his advice. Shrinathji temple is very famous in Udaipur and you can book hotels near shrinathji temple and can see the devotion of the people near Udaipur to the shrinathji.

Tips on Choosing Hotel in Udaipur
There are few things that you should consider before finalizing the hotels near shrinathji temple and which are mentioned below.

  1. Look at your Budget– If you are willing to choose the best hotels for you, first of all, look at your budget as there are hotels ranges from local to luxury. So, it is most important to finalize the budget for the hotel you want to choose. Your budget will give you some options of hotels to choose from.

  2. Location– After budget, see the location you want to choose. If you choose location with famous places in Udaipur, it will cost you more but if you choose other places, it will be more economical to you and you can spend more money on different activities over here.

  3. Facilities and amenities– You should look at the facilities and amenities of the hotel and need to finalize your hotel as per your facility need. If you want swimming pool and spa in the hotel, you have to choose a luxury hotel and if you want simple hotel to stay, you can find many hotels near shrinathji temple. Shree vilas is one such hotel which is near to shrinathji temple and provides pleasant staying experience with their hotel.

  4. Cleanliness– Few people are very cleanliness conscious and cannot bear the dust in their living places. So, visit the hotels and see yourself the hotel which has best cleanliness facility and have a memorable touring experience.

  5. Star Rating– If you are looking for a star rating hotel, you can find both budget hotels and luxury hotels in Udaipur. The more the rating of the hotel, the more the prices got increased. So, if you are staying in a 3 star rating hotel, you will have to pay reasonable amount.

Activities to do in Udaipur
There are so many activities to do in the Udaipur and you can enjoy more activities as per your time schedule and budget. You can start with city cycle tour in Udaipur which is quite popular. If your pocket allows, you can also take an exciting helicopter ride of the Udaipur city and you will have incredible experience. You can also do trekking tour and heritage walk which is also give your pleasant touring experience. And after all these, if you have some time with you, you can visit to the kumbalgarh wildlife sanctuary where you will see lions, wild cat and many animals of different breed over here.

Budget Restaurants in Udaipur

Local delicious food to try
There are so many local foods that you must try and should have experience of delicious food. There are so many good food that you will fall in love with. Here are foods like lalmas, chaat, kachori, gate ki sang and golgappe and daal bhati are to name few dishes that give your perfect Rajasthan flavors and you will like such foods. Other than this, there are so many street foods also that you can enjoy with your family and friends. Spices are high in flavor in the lunch and dinner over here as the Rajasthan people like spicy food more. You can find many budget restaurants in Udaipur where you can enjoy delicious Rajasthan food.

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Know about hotels in Udaipur for a memorable and comfortable stay

Udaipur, a major tourist destination, for both domestic and foreign nationals visiting Rajasthan, is home to scenic landscapes, lakes and architecture. Popularly known as the ‘city of lakes’, Udaipur offers beautiful hotels and resorts for a comfortable and memorable stay.

Planning a holiday at Udaipur
Udaipur is one of the most romantic cities in India. So if you are looking for a honeymoon destination or a family vacation, this place will not disappoint you. There are luxury and budget hotels available to cater to all types of vacations. From its breathtaking views to its beautiful and serene lakes, Udaipur will give you unforgettable memories. Enjoy Udaipur to its full glory by visiting it during the months of September to March. Since this place is so spectacular you need to put in a lot of efforts to research where to stay, what and where to eat and shop and of course what to see. Udaipur is connected by road, railways and airport from all the major cities in India.

Things to do at Udaipur
Offering a diverse blend of history, culture and traditions, Udaipur is so mesmerizing, that you would be spellbound for a long time after your vacation. Gorgeous lakes, spectacular palaces and havelis and magnificent temples, Udaipur is an all in one destination. While visiting, do not forget to add Lake Palace, Jag Mandir, Pichola Lake and City Palace to your list. You will also find a lot of places around Udaipur, which will make your trip all the more exciting. You can book a custom tours of the city and view its stunning palaces and massive forts. You need to taste the impeccable Rajasthani food while you are here. Restaurants offer an amazing view of the lakes and palaces with lip smacking delicacies.

Udaipur Lakes
Well known for its beautiful lakes, Udaipur makes a perfect setting for a romantic destination. Shimmering lakes and picturesque mountain view will surely leave you spellbound. These lakes were built by the Maharajas during their times. Lake Pichola being the oldest and largest lakes in Udaipur has luxurious resorts and hotels on its banks. Many rooftop restaurants are located near this lake which give a stunning view as you enjoy your food. Jag Niwas and Jag Mandir are two islands located within it. The other prominent lakes are Fateh Sagar lake, Jaisamand lake,Udaisagar lake and Rajasmand lake. Each of these lakes will give you a glimpse of royalty.

Hotels at Udaipur
Hotels to suit every budget can be found in Udaipur. Luxury and budget hotels with spectacular view will be a treat to your eyes. Home to the most renowned and India’s best luxury resorts and hotels, Udaipur will take you to the Maharaja times. Hotels with artistic and palatial interiors, extravagant architecture and extensive lawn gardens will truly make you feel like a Maharaja. They offer world class celebrity treatments to the guests. The marble pillars, ornate glasswork and intricate paintings will be a treat to your eyes.
Hotels near Shrinathji temple.JPG
So decide and book in advance whether you want to stay in a palace, villa or simple room. These luxurious hotels near shrinathji temple.

Lakeview hotels
Plenty of hotels surround the lakes in Udaipur to give their guests a luxury and pleasant stay. Hotels like Shree Vilas offer rooms with stunning view of the Pichola Lake. With the mesmerizing view of the Sajjan Garh Palace and the pristine Lake Pichola, this place will take your heart away. Just imagine, waking up to this amazing view of the shimmering lake, it will make your day. The natural lake view hotel proffers contemporary tents style villas with all the comforts of a room. Many hotels offer breathtaking view of lakes since Udaipur is known for its lakes. Booking a lake facing room might certainly burn a hole in your pocket, but it is definitely worth the price.

Udaipur is a perfect getaway for a romantic trip or even a family outing. Bear in mind that if you take a lake facing hotel, you will have a captivating view as long as you are in your room. Also you will be staying in true Maharaja Style.

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Unfold Your Trip Experience Bythe Excellence Royal Hospitality

Udaipur is famous for its culture, tradition and the famed temple of Shrinathji. The wonderful spot introduces many tourists to the lap of lush green nature. Plan your trip and indulge with the traditional captivation of Udaipur temple. Get assured budgeted hotels in Udaipur with exotic facilities.

Best Economical Hotels in Udaipur
Complete your trip by visiting Shrinathji temple in Udaipur. At that place are amazing Hotels near Shrinathji Temple presents the experience of calm and silent air. You can avail great rates with affordable price in booking hotels. The luxurious accommodation offers a comfortable stay for tourists and the homely atmosphere of the hotel would offer you a delicate experience during the stay in Udaipur. You can reserve your hotels online and avail the best packages.

Exclusive Hospitality at Your Command
Avail the wonderful hotels in Udaipur at the best price and get instant confirmation on your reservation. Grab the premium elite hotels with royal service available at your command. The tariff of the hotels would fit your pocket to reserve a comfortable room with all the comfort. Lavish rooms and ultra modern services of the hotels contribute high quality hospitality with love and tenderness. The hotels provide spa, pool, and other facilities to the guests extensively. You can regenerate yourself with the calm envelope of nature and the beauty of Shrinathji Temple near you.

Never Before, Never Again Make Your Trip Memorable
The ultimate Hotels near Shrinathji Templehave captured the magnificent sight of the temple from the room itself. You can get a glimpse of the temple from the hotel room very easily. Seize the chance of booking rooms online and become slowed down during the visit to Udaipur. The grand city of Udaipur welcomes you with best known offers. By staying near the Shrinathji temple, you can travel to the auspicious place by walk. The rooms introduce a decent and elegant, comfortable stay.

Delicious Food of Your Choice
The traditional Rajasthan food in Udaipur is very popular. There are exotic restaurants that deliver fresh, delicious food at affordable prices. The mouthwatering aroma and finger licking experience you can get by dining in the most Budget Restaurants in Udaipur. The restaurants use fresh and sanitized hand-picked ingredients for the recipe. The quality of the food is ensured to the visitors. Celebrate your vacation with relishing food at excellent restaurants in Udaipur.

Every Bite Will Satiate Your Taste buds
Stay tuned with high quality restaurants in Udaipur with unbelievable prices. Discover the oriental and Mediterranean cuisine with the merger of Indian food with it. You must visit the economical restaurants in Udaipur and explore the flavorsome Indian food there. The amazing view surrounding to the restaurants offers a ride to the nature with delicious food that function on your platter. The well indoor dining that restaurants deliver is always memorable for your vacation in Udaipur.

Chef Designed Menu Serves You Best In Town
The trusted way of serving in wonderful restaurants in Udaipur is the main attractive point to many visitors. The professional chefs in the Budget Restaurants in Udaipur prepare everything fresh to order. You would love the mouth watering aroma recipies in the restaurant that fill your stomach and bring you back again here. The service and quality of the restaurants are commendable and high in quality at affordable prices.

Nothing Brings People Together Like Good Food
The restaurants in Udaipur have arrived with delicious recipe of your choice. Take hold of the finger licking opportunity with exotic food with refreshing homemade drinks. You can get local food with a delicate touch of Rajasthan flavor. The enchanting trip to Udaipur completes your visit with a genuinely singular experience with enormous Rajasthan food.

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Choose best hotel in Udaipur to make your stay memorable


The uniqueness of the city of Udaipur
Udaipur which is also known as the white city is a metropolitan city located in the state of Rajasthan. It is one of the most major cities of Rajasthan and is also the Municipal Corporation and administrative headquarters of the Udaipur district. It is also known as the historical capital of the kingdom of Mewar in the former Rajputana regency that prevailed in Rajasthan for a very long period of time. And therefore Udaipur is considered a city which is a cultural heritage and this attracts a lot of tourists from all over the world.

A brief on the hotels in Udaipur
Despite Udaipur being a metropolitan city it also preserves and safeguards its cultural and historical heritages. The inflow of the tourists from all across the country and also all over the world is always high all round the year. For so many tourists there has to be proper places and hotels to lodge and Udaipur excels in treating its guests with the best of the hotels with their overwhelming and gracious service and makes the stay worthwhile. Since this is a metropolitan city, there is a number of amazing five/four star hotels in Udaipur which make the stay of the tourists a relaxing and a comfortable one.

What are the things that people should look for while booking a hotel room in Udaipur
As Udaipur is a very famous city in terms of tourism so there are a lot of 4 star and 5 star hotels and resorts in the city like the Hotel Shree Vilas where you will get all the best facilities pertaining to Hotels in Udaipur. To start with the location of the hotel that should be near to the prominent tourist spots of the city so that you can visit them whenever you want to or whenever they are open for tourists. Some of the very prominent spots to choose to live in a hotel in the city are the lake side are and the Shrinathji temple area which are also among the busiest places in the city.

The second thing is the facilities that they provide you, in case if it’s a hotel cum resort like the Hotel Shree Vilas then you can also enjoy the luxury spa here and get relaxed with the massages and treatments that they offer. They have trained people who make sure that you get rejuvenated from the treatment. Then comes the rooms as well, the best part of a hotel the room where you stay. It should be spacious and well lit complementary WIFI access is also most welcome here.

What about Hotels near Shrinathji temple
The area near the Shrinathji Temple is among the busiest areas in the city as this is very close to the commercial streets and markets of the city. Hotels here are always full and you need to book in advance if you want to stay in Hotels near Shrinathji temple. This particular area attracts thousands of tourists and devotees as well who come to pray in the very famous Shrinathji temple year after year.
You will find hotels from a normal level to star categories here in the Shrinathji temple area. The biggest advantage that people enjoy while living in Hotels near Shrinathji temple is to see the real Udaipur as almost all the important tourist spots in Udaipur are just in a radius of 5 kilometres from this junction.

Things that you can do in Udaipur
You can obviously visit the Shrinathji temple if you want to and if you are staying in one of the Hotels near Shrinathji temple. Then spend a lovely romantic evening with your lady love on your honeymoon beside the Pichola Lake as there are a lot of Hotels in Udaipur that have been built next to the lake. The evenings are especially very beautiful as after the sunset the whole city gets lit up and the lake front is the best place to see the whole city and specially the Udaipur Palace which is clearly visible from the other side of the lake. Travelling to Udaipur is definitely fun and when you have fun loving people with you things get even better.

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